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Aimpoint Magnifier 30mm Tube 3x20mm with Twist Mount and Spacer Matte Black


There are many uses for this 3x20mm magnifier tube including as a handheld monocular. It is best used when mounted behind an Aimpoint sight; this gives 3x magnification through the tube while still having the Aimpoint's illumination visible. Different mounting options are also available for any firearm with a Picatinny-style rail using the Aimpoint TwistMount system or with standard 30mm rings. Anodized aluminum with a rubber cover makes this magnifier waterproof up to 67 feet.


- Ring Width: 30mm
- Eye Relief: at 5΍ Field of View 40-90mm at Full Field of View 60-65mm
- Mounting: 30mm Tube (Also has Four Screw Holes in the Bottom Surface for Alternate Mounting)
- Length: 4.30"
- Width and Height: 1.70" x 1.60"
- Weight: 7.1 oz
- Surface Finish: Anodized Aluminum Rubber Covered


- Waterproof to 67 feet
- Intended to be mounted with the Aimpoint TwistMount system may also be mounted with a 30mm ring.
- May be used as a handheld monocular.
- Designed so it may be used mounted behind an Aimpoint sight giving 3x magnification through this tube while still having the Aimpoint's illumination visible.

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