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Aimpoint Micro H1 2 MOA 2 MOA LRP Mount/39mm Spacer, Box


Aimpoint Micro H1 2 MOA with LRP mount/39mm spacer

The Aimpoint Micro H-1 was designed with the hunter in mind. These sights are the lightest red dot sights tough enough to carry the Aimpoint name.


- Unlimited field of view
- Parallax-free and unlimited eye relief
- Easy to carry and fast to aim
- Small enough to be used anywhere you could put iron sights these sights can be used on any type of firearm or archery equipment:
- A lightweight rifle with an H-1 Micro mounted on it remains a lightweight rifle!
- A hunting revolver with an H-1 Micro installed remains as easy to carry as with iron sights and is much faster to aim.
- On a bow the parallax free H-1 Micro eliminates the need for a peep allowing you to shoot accurately in lower light.
- Lightweight - 84 g without mount and 105 g with mount
- Integral Weaver-style base allows easy attachment
- ACET technology allows 50000 hours of operation on one battery
- Fully waterproof
- Precision adjustment for windage and elevation: top of protective caps fits into holes on adjustment screws - no other tool required
- 12 settings for use in daylight and low light conditions

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