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About Us

About Us

We, the founders of Sure Survive, have been to places that were tormented by devastating natural disasters and other forms of emergencies.  We have witnessed the misery resulting from these events, and the experiences we encountered made us realize the importance and value of being prepared for any eventuality. As certified emergency response team members, we vow to pursue our mission to help people realize the importance of preparedness in any situation.

Driven by our steadfast dedication to emergency survival and outdoor lifestyle, and by our passion for social entrepreneurship, we have founded Sure Survive, a company committed to delivering reliable survival, tactical and outdoor gear at very affordable prices.

Commitment to our customers

Fueled by our goal of preserving life and property, and our mission to help others become more aware of survival and preparedness principles, we are committed to providing only the most affordable high-quality survival and tactical products in the market.  Operating on  e-Commerce business model, we are able to save on overhead and transfer these savings to our customers. Through our extensive line of survival kits, emergency gear, long-term food storage, individual and family survival gear, first aid kits, and tactical and outdoor gear, we believe we can fulfill our mission to educate and equip seasoned and novice survivalists alike. 

Commitment to our community

We believe that true success goes beyond the realization of our personal dreams and goals. With this in mind, we pledge to give back to our community through various non-profit organizations, charities and foundations. We have committed a certain portion of our annual profit to help people who risk their lives so that others may live.  With your purchase, you are helping Sure Survive help others.

Contact Us

We make it our top mission to keep our customers 100% happy and satisfied with their purchase experience. If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please reach out to us and we’ll be more than happy to make it right.

Telephone: +1.888.584.0999


Mailing Address: 3665 East Bay Drive, Building 204, Suite 188, Largo, FL 33771